Local Markets

You can buy almost anything in the five main open air markets within a short distance of Villa Vesta.  They take place weekly, on different days of the week, so you could spend most of your time at a market if you really want to!  It is fun just to browse and the fresh produce is superb.  All the markets start first thing in the morning and end about 12/1pm.  The locals tend to park/abandon their cars just about everywhere - do not follow this tradition as you will more than likely get a ticket! 

Cisternino – Mondays.  Good for fresh fruit, vegetables, and all foods (fresh seafood, meats, cheeses, olives).  In Largo G. Fidele, the square at the bottom of the town on the way in from the house.  The streets leading up from here have stalls selling clothing, material, shoes, anything really.

Martina Franca – Wednesdays.  The largest market in the area is held just down from the centro storico.  Three parallel streets selling household goods, clothing, shoes and anything else non food.  At the top of these streets is the main new town square where the food market takes place.  One of the best markets for foodstuffs – Martina is well regarded for cheese, oil and capocollo.

There is also an all-day antiques market on the third Sunday of each month on Viale della Liberta.

Alberobello – Thursdays.  A very good fruit and vegetable market.

Locorotondo – Fridays.  Same times as all the others, just follow your nose when entering the town.  The market offers clothes, fruit and vegetables.

Ostuni – Saturdays.  Held in and around the Zona Mercato Settimanale on the Via degli Emigranti.  Turn right at the first main roundabout on the edge of Ostuni when driving in on the Martina Franca road from the house.  This is a big market, which tends to concentrate on household goods, trinkets and clothes.

Useful Phrases

  • Vorrei… - I would like…
  • Un kilo di… - A kilo of…
  • Mezzo kilo di… - Half a kilo of …
  • Un etto… - equivilant to 100g
  • Due etti… - equivilant to 200g etc
  • Quanto costa? - How much is it?
  • Quanto costano? - How much are they?
  • Piu – more
  • Meno - less
  • Sto solo guardando – I am just looking
  • Grazie – Thank you